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Originally Posted by folkprophet View Post
I'm not a fan of 'listen to your body' simply because it depends on your mentality/personality. In other words...if I listened to my body I'd never lift a single weight.

That's not to say that I don't think a person should listen to their body. It's just an incomplete thought. It's like saying listen to a person speak...but they're speaking french...and you don't know any french. Just saying 'listen closer' ain't gonna do a thing. Go learn french first. Then listen closely.

You have to learn and understand your body to listen to it.

Regardless. Overtraining is a real thing. But it's not a real thing for most of us. Literally overtraining is serious. If you're overtraining...for real...there are distinct symptoms. Most people are way too big of wusses to push hard enough to actually overtrain.

Beyond that it's about efficiency training and wasted training. That's what most people are thinking about when they're talking about overtraining. And it's not really overtraining. It's just wasted time with no results.

The key is to train effectively and efficiently with as little time spent as possible to get the training you need. Anything more than you need is...well...not needed.

The short answer're probably not overtraining. But you could be wasting time doing stuff that you don't need to.
How long have you been doing this? And do you enjoy it? I assume yes to the 2nd one

But really, I've done this long enought I know when I need to back off. If I lose that "ready to go" feeling for too many days in a row....that's a pretty clear indication something needs to change. If my sleep time and diet are in line...that's my only choice...right?
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