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Well it's a fact that there is a REAL addiction to sugar. And the fact that you can't sleep when you don't eat big might have something to do with that. Maybe it's missing it. Carbs will definitely make you sleepy and with simple carb type foods, you'll have a short spike and then a steady but sure crash....and sleep like a fat baby

Not 100% on this as I don't know exactly what you are eating besides the 1/2 Little Debbie and 1600 calories, but one thing I was told for my situation is never have a big meal. I'm sleeping like a baby.

Oh but one thing that was tough at first was giving up milk. I always had a protein shake with milk before bed and sometimes another glass of milk. I'm not saying here that milk is bad, but it does have enough carbs that it caused an addiction in me.

My name is Rick and I'm a milkaholic......I've been milk free now for 3+ wks. (queue the crickets)
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