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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by CLEEPER View Post
Stay strong Jay, you will find the groove with the help of JB and Steve you have some great coaching in your corner.
Thanks Chad!

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Keep hard after it.
Thanks Steve! Will do!

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Good work Jay! Finding that perfect stance will do great things for your squat
Thanks Rich! Yea that's the plan, only tried it cause I love Sumo Deads, so thought maybe I'd do better squatting that way , buuuuuut I'm not very smart

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Week 2, Day 4
Sumo Squats
135x 3 PR
135x 3 PR
135x 3 PR
205x 2 PR
245x 1 PR ...vid. 75% of 1RM
265x 1 PR ...vid. 80+% of 1RM
225x 3 PR...vid. Just under 70% of 1RM.
Think I did ok overall, they were a lot different than regular stance Squats. Not sure if I liked them better or felt stronger with them or not? My thinking was my switch from Conventional Deadlifts to Sumo made a great improvement, I'm hoping for the same, mabey???
New Lift so all default PRs, haha. Based on narrow stance 325x 1RM(although that might not have even counted, so whatever I don't care, I have weak legs!)
Leg Press
405x 13 PR
405x 10 PR
405x 10 PR ...good progress here. Haven't done them in awhile but added reps on every set
Standing Barbell Calf Raises
225x 13 PR
225x 11 PR
225x 10 PR ...these were a new lift also, but not like cheapo Sumo Squats were. I think Steve said start with 315 but I doubted doing that much so I started much lighter and worked my calves well.
Done! My legs were still sore as they have been for 2-3 weeks straight! And now I'm crippled!
245x 1 PR
MAH01542 - YouTube
265x 1 PR
MAH01545 - YouTube
225x 3 PR
MAH01546 - YouTube
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