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Originally Posted by Tomsen View Post
Hey guys!
I'm using the real version of barbell rows for a while now and made a video to have my form checked today.
I'm doing the 5x5 by Jason Blaha and so I either do squats and bench or squats and deadlift before my rows. When i do them my glutes and hams get umcomfortably tight and it fells awkward the moment i first stand straight again. Am i doing sth wrong? It is not much weight. My squat is up to 95kgx3, my DL 120x1 and my bench 60x3.
Please let me know what you think.

Pendley Rows 45kg:
I think that's actually a 65kg pendley row, looks to me that you're not counting the weight of the bar itselft in all of your lifts. I also feel my glutes and hams tightening when I do bb rows but that's the way I put my self with a flat back wich is ok to me and I don't mind getting a little extra glute/ham work.
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