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Originally Posted by Disciple X View Post
Thanks for the clarification. The food pyramid is what i was missing. Now i understand what you're saying.

Some insight from someone else... i dont pay the food pyramid ANY attention. I also don't pay any attention to a "recommended portion size". Maybe its because i'm a little more knowledgeable about nutrition than an average couch potatoe. I think along the lines of grams of proteins, carbs, and fats, and modify macros to meet whatever goal i have at the time. So if i'm aiming to eat 300 grams of carbs, it doesnt matter to me what a "portion" of pasta is by usda definition. It matters to me how much pasta is 300 grams worth of carbs.

Just food for thought.

That's the thing, some people don't have a clue and find counting in calories, grams etc to be a nightmare. I read a book, some years ago now No More Mr Fat Guy which highlighted that the portions recommended on the pyramid which suggest 4-11 carb portions (just picking on carbs because I can't recall the other recommendations off the top of my head) work for smaller person, medium sized person, larger sized person (height/frame etc), so a smaller person would eat 4-5 maybe 6 portions, a medium sized person would select from the mid-range of those figures and the larger framed person would select towards the top-end...and then the person would tweak, add or deduct if it wasn't working for them. It oddly, also works out at around the calorie needs for the individual, give or take a little either way.

As I say though, for people working out, it would be completely different, they tend to use macros, set amounts of protein etc, which the pyramid/portion idea doesn't account for.

It's interesting to see how food sizes/packaging has altered over the decades too; the portion distortion aspect of the thread revolves around that as opposed to what a portion is or is recommended as but I think it goes a long way to indicating where bodyweights have spiralled out of control without most of us knowing why...that and less activity, obviously.
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