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tankdogg7233 is off to a good starttankdogg7233 is off to a good starttankdogg7233 is off to a good start

Hey BBOD! First I want to thank you for the all the great info you give on your YouTube channel. I found you through icecreamfitness channel, and your channel is now one of my favorites.

I plan to join the Navy within the next year. My main obstacle is my weight. Is there a program that you can recommend that would help me to build strength and lose fat. Maybe something that includes bodyweight exercises as well as weights. I'm 30 years old , 5'11" and 247 lbs. I'm looking to lose at least 20 more pounds to bring my bodyfat below the max,which is 20%(calculated by tape measure). Thanks in advance for your help!
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