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Foam roll
Band stretches for hams, hips, lats and shoulders

60kgs x 8
100kgs x 6
140kgs x 3
160kgs x 3
Add belt
180kgs x 3
197.5kgs x 3
212.5kgs x 3 PB

Pull Ups
20, 14, 3 ultra slow and strict. More reps on first two sets.

DB rows
65kgs x 12 per side +1 rep from last week

Average band abs 50, 50

EZ Bar curls
30kgs for 2 sets of max reps. Got bored counting after 10

Did not expect much from last night. I had meetings in London today so was on a train at 7:15 and didn't eat normal amounts. I also managed to get my standard 5.5 hours sleep. All I can say is, just imagine how strong I'm going to get if I ever manage to get an uninterrupted 7 hours per night?!?!

Pulls felt really explosive but got heavy quickly. The top triple was absolute max effort as this morning I woke up to a burst blood vessel in my eye and some on my face. I concentrated more on keeping the bar in close to my thighs and I felt like I could finish the last rep with better form when it got really hard. Unfortunately my battery died so no footage Hope it looked as good as it felt.

Was feeling it in my hamstrings from the 10s on Sunday and the triples on the warm-up sets so no back offs tonight. Pull ups were stronger than last week although I will add that it was pointed out to me that form is, shall we say, not the strictest... I'm not Crossfit bad but I'm not getting my whole head over the bar either. I'm probably getting eyes and nose (maybe just eyes) above the bar but still. I'd rather do a few more reps quickly and with less strict form than go slow and super strict and do less. Hell just holding my fat ass up off the floor for that long is an exercise in itself! Rows were good and curls were boring. Decent session. Hip feels ok. Pretty tired from walking around LDN but hoping for more squat progress on Thursday.
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