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b3rnhard is off to a bad start

Those are nice looking totals for only training a year. Great job!
thanks and thanks for the welcome!

Squats 5/3/1 first, then bench 5/3/1, then deadlift.
you are absolutely right, i forgot to mention that i want to emphazise on squatting for tecnique purposes. and so i can do "picture perfect" squatting twice without being preexhausted.

i dont yet know how hard the 531 is, if squatting on monday interferes with deadlifting on wednesday i will change that immediatly.

if tecnique betters frontsquats are a perfect idea!

both chins and dips weighted?
i thought about changing chins every week: 1)3xf unweighted, 2)3xf weighted and dips would be weighted..

thanks for your replies.
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