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Default Am i overtraining?

Am I overtraining? I can't find decent answers to anything. I don't do drugs and was told on another forum to stay under an hour per workout. Then I read this on that forum.

Stop scaring people with overtraining
Each and every body responds in a different way! There is no such thing as "yeah, you're definitely overtraining"... unless you're working out 8 hours a day 7 days a week.

I bet HALF or even TWO THIRDS of the people who say "yeah, you're definitely overtraining" were once told the same by someone else... so they dropped their sets and number of exercises and now repeat the same thing to everyone else, WITHOUT EVEN NOTICING ANY CHANGES FROM BEFORE!

Look-up "overtraining" anywhere else than on this forum and you'll see the definition goes something like:
-Getting sick very often
-Sore all the time
-Feeble, loss of energy

It's not like if you train for more than 60 minutes and do some cardio on your rest days OH **** YOU'RE BURNING MUSCLE DUUUUDE! Come on!

Stop getting scared with all this crap! If your body can take it, if you feel that you're not doing too much, if you feel good the next day, if you're seeing some gains, if you're getting stronger... YOU'RE NOT OVERTRAINING!!

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