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Default 5/3/1 full body workout


i have been reading here for some time and train for about a year.

i made good progress with starting strength and now with bill starrs single factor 5x5.

in about a month i will plateau with 5x5 and change to a 5/3/1 style programming as this seems to be a perfect programming for steady progress over years.

right now my PRs are:

squat: 150kgx3
bench: 115kgx1
deadlift: 170kgx1
overhead press:67,5kgx1

what i dont like about 531 is the 4 times a week programming and the split style. so this is my "531 like" template:

Squat 531
Bench repetition effort

Deadlift 531
Overhead Press 3x8
Power Shrugs 3x8

Bench 531
Squat 1x8
Dips 5x5
kroc rows

What do you guys think about this aproach?

p.s.: i know wendler says "dont **** around" but i dont think split training is necessary doing a three times per week template

p.p.s.:sorry for my bad english
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