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I'm quitting next week!
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Saw my endo yesterday. First thing he says is you look much bigger(so I'm happy) then he starts asking all kinds of questions. Basically I told him I eat well and lift heavy shit! After a bunch of questions, seems he's happy where I'm at, no issues, bla bla bla.
He wanted to check a few things, so I had to give blood.
Few hours later I get a call from his nurse. Although my test level was fine, didn't find out the number this time(last time was 762ish), my red blood cell count was high.
Here are some symptoms of having high RBCs...
Weakness, fatigue, headache, itching, bruising, joint pain, dizziness, ab pain. Can also cause lung issues that lead to chronic cough, sleep apnea, dizziness, poor exercise tolerance. (possible reason why recently I set maxes and felt fresh and strong, and the following week I couldn't lift crap and everything was super heavy? But who knows? Many of these symptoms I get from my head issues, so it's hard to say if this made things worse or if it was just my regular life.)
So she said I first had to give blood, no biggie. But then also I have to lower my dose, which sucks! Maybe I'll feel ok, but last time I was on 200mg every 14days(400mg a month), I felt normal 7-8 days and felt like crap the rest. Since they moved me to 200mg every 10days(600mg a month), I've felt good most days. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but believe that going down to 450mg a month will only lead to me be tired, no energy, moody, I was before.
I also talked to his nurse again today, after giving blood, and asked if my Pregnazone could raise my RBC count, and she said it could. I get a shot of that every 4 months or so to help with my finger tips. They get real dry crack, bleed ect, basically the tips of my fingers don't heal and I have to use a ton of band aids.
So needless to say I have to try the lower dose for awhile. She said that if I feel like crap after a few doses, come back and I'll get tested again and go from there. Both my arms are sore from having blood taken so I'm not lifting today. My back I think is 95% now so I'm lifting tomorrow!
My anniversary was great even with this bs going on, cardio almost killed me
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