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Some major learning experiences today in the garage.

My last session was so successful that I decided to keep things moving and do some more heavy squatting and benching today. I've realized now that my body is still beat up from my last session. Even though my muscles feel good, my joints and the rest of my body was still more beat up than I was aware.

My first goal was to work up to 405 doing ATG squat triples.

ATG squats-
Add belt
Add knee wraps

It was only 2 days ago that I worked up to 435 with belt and wraps. As soon as I squatted down in wraps today something immediately felt off. My right ankle ached and felt "off", and the pressure on my knees was extremely uncomfortable, to the point where I was barely able to get to parallel.

I should have kept things light today. As soon as I did the single with 375 I knew I was done putting weight on my legs today.

Then it was on to benching.

Bench press-
Add bench shirt

I still couldn't touch, but I came SO freaking close!

I stretched the sleeves just a tad before training today, and it was a noticable difference when I put the shirt on. Much easier to get the sleeves on, and I think I finally actually got it seated in my armpits, as evidenced by the huge red marks I now have there. I also put on the sleeves with the logos on the outside of my elbows, which made the shirt easier to work with.

The shirt keeps locking up in the same place, about 2 inches from touching. My form is solid. I bring down the bar by flaring my elbows until the shirt locks up, just a couple inches down, then I start tucking my elbows to keep the bar moving. Once it's about half way down I have to start rolling my head forwards a little, but no matter what weight I have on there I can't get that last 2 inches. 315 and 365 both came to a dead stop at the same place. I try to be aggressive and pull the bar to my stomach, but no matter what I try I just can't quite get it.

I'm going to get in the shirt again once this weekend and give it another shot. I may work up to something a little heavier and see what happens. If I still can't get anything to touch than I'll stretch the sleeves a little more.

Although I believe this was a successful shirt session, and I know I'm moving in the right direction, my body is just beat up. The back of my arms are killing me from the pressure of the shirt, and my lower legs are shot from squatting Tuesday with wraps. I'm starting to understand how powerlifting tears you up. It's not the muscles. It's EVERYTHING else, lol.

The solution is to stop playing with my new toys so much and get back to good ol' raw training. Saturday I'll get some good raw volume work in, then Sunday I'll throw on my shirt again and maybe do some deadlifting.

I've gotta get some sleep tonight. I'm so tired, but my sleep has been poor. The key word for tomorrow is recovery.
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