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Default Newbie seeking bodybuilding advice

Hello there,
First of all hey, I'm nick and it's a pleasure to meet you.

About myself:
About a year ago i became interested in bodybuilding and decided to change my life, i weighed 420lbs and had a bf% of 50 with 5% muscle. In about a year i had made it to 230 lbs with a bf of 15 and 40% muscle ( I know these figures as a sports specialist at my local gym helped me get them). I was very close to my goal of 10% bf and trying to get 50% muscle, it was my goal to revert the bad shape i was in, however i had suffered a injury which put me out of gym for a few months and when i healed i started a new job and with my collage, by time i finished collage, i had to go to work when work was out gym was closed, so i didn't have the free time and on my days off i slacked. which brings me to today, today i weight 290 lbs, with 23% bf and 30% muscle. I've decided i want to take body building seriously as last year i had not taken it as serious as i should have as it was a pass time due to unemployment.

I really am trying to do this seriously and i desperately need advice from those who know better than myself, I've started last week and lost 10lbs of my weight, which isn't much but is a good start. I set myself a goal of wanting to weight 210 lbs again by august. However i don't just want to lose weight the main goal is to gain muscle, so I wanted people's advice on what i should do in terms of calorie intake limits, bodybuilding supplements, how long i should do cardio(I was told by someone to limit it to 40 mins as it can stop you gaining muscle). Any advice would be great.

What I do now:
Well i work 5 days a week in the evenings from 6-11 and im in collage from 7am-4pm, it takes me an hour to get to work so i generally have from 4-5 to relax when im working, so what i do is on monday after work i workout at home with my barbell and dumbells for 2hrs then on wednesday on my day off im in the gym for 3 hrs on saturday im in gym for 3 hrs before i go to work. Even though im pushed for time, i try not to let my busy schedule of collage,studying and work become an excuse for not going to gym.

The only supplement i use is La muscles fat stripper, I want to start taking protien shakes and have been tempted to get the noriteen deals they're offering, however i wanted some pro recommendations first.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing peoples replies.
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