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Originally Posted by Aless View Post

I've got two new videos applying the feedback. The first one I didn't really like it, specially my lower back and due to the repetitions:


The second with a bigger load I think I got a better result... do you see any huge mistakes here?


(sorry for the YouTube links being like that, I don't have permissions to post external links yet)

Thanks a lot.
here are your vids brah:


I watched the second one. On the regular deadlift your lower back is rounding at the bottom next to your butt, I think is because your legs are very low and almost parallel to the ground they should be in a more perpendicular position, deadlifts are not like squats. To begin with, your stance should be with the bar over the middle on your foot, grab the bar without bending your knees (it doesn't matter if you round your back at this point) then bend your knees until your shins touch the bar DO NOT MOVE THE BAR and then squeeze your chest up, squeezing your chest up is a good trick to put your whole back in a straight position, squeeze the bar very hard with your forearms and make sure your shoulders are over the bar and push with your heels and keep the bar close to your legs during the whole movement.

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