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Mon 4/8/2013

So I've met these powerlifters in the gym a while ago and they usually get to the gym at 10am, I usually like to get there around 8-8:30. Well I've been side spotting them and haven't been leaving until 12 or so and they always invite me to come in when they did.

I came in when they did today and benched, they helped me stay tight, call cues and gave me a proper liftoff (not used to actually a good lift off and proper setting). They were sad to hear that I'm moving and one of the guys said they thought I would get along with the crew and he's sad to see me leave.

So here's my epic day at the gym:

Bench @ 215 5 sets 25 rep goal: 8, 8, 8, 7, 6.5 (The last rep I got off my chest, it stopped and he had to lightly help.. I don't count it so technically 6 reps) Needless to say the spotting and the cues helped. They noticed the further along I go in the set I hit higher (shoulder problem still), once they called the cues, I was hitting lower and stayed tight, was really happy with progress there.

BB Rows @ 215, 5 sets, 25 rep goal: 6, 6, 8, 8, 6. I gave it all I had ensuring I kept decent form, I could have lower backed a couple more. The reason I had 2 sets of 8 mid set is there is a gymnastic girl dancing by me doing splits and everything else that raises testosterone. I told myself that I'll never get a girl like that and made me pretty mad.. I ended up doing those 8 pretty easy, I stopped because I started to see stars.

Chest Press - 70, 70, 70 x 12

Face Pulls 90, 90, 90 x 12

Tri Ext 70, 70, 70 x 12

I kept face pulls the same weight because I am trying to make sure I get good quality reps, I could have gone up a little more but I felt that the exercise was being performed properly at this weight, as well as tri ext. I try to keep my ego checked at the door, it doesn't always help to 'move more weight' if it's not even doing it right.

Tomorrow is my last day there, I am going to go in around 10 when my PL buddy is there. He said he will be using his deadlift bar so I will get to see what a real deadlift bar is. I'm not going to do anything particular tomorrow, just going to go in and try the bar out.. maybe see what type of number I can pull with it, nothing fancy.

Kind of enjoy the last day there and break the code and talk a little more
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