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Aless is off to a bad start

Hello Bearded Beast of Duloc,

I've been watching the videos for a while, really like them. I'm need of some help to fix my deadlift. I'm returning to the gym and recovering my strength but I always had this problem - when I start the deadlift my shoulders are in front of the bar, my hips are too high and therefore I fell my back is rounding... hips high also mean I don't engage them properly and put too much stress in my lower back. I think the cause for that all is the same, but I've tried to fix the problem and once I progress with the load, the mistakes happen again... when I'm warming up, everything looks great. Here are my videos from yesterday:

Deadlift 1x110Kg (242lb)

Deadlift 1x130Kg (286lb)

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