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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
Now mind you that I have limited experience with this. . .

I am currently experimenting with higher reps and it's effect on building muscle, and therefore building greater strength capacity. Bigger muscles should be capable of greater strength.

Another approach that has caught my interest is keeping the load at a moderate intensity (say 80%) and work on becoming more powerful with it over time. Think about moving the same load more explosively, as it becomes easier have you not gotten stronger?

Just a couple of ideas rattling around in my brain. . .
Like Steve has said before, he has never known of a weak bodybuilder. I agree with you, but working towards explosiveness might be too intense for me, if intensity is an issue for my eye. However, I could work towards moderate intensity, but stretch it out over time. I thought my session last Thursday was of moderate intensity.

Keep that brain rattling tho!

Originally Posted by KD5NFW View Post
Damn it Jim! I really hated reading all that! I know if there is a way to continue lifting you will be the one to find it! There is no one more dedicated or hard headed than you And I can think of at least 2 pretty good reasons to get out of bed every morning, your beautiful wife and daughter
Stay strong and a solution will present itself Jim!!
Ya, I know Rich, it was hard to write it up. My hard headiness & heart is telling me to keep lifting, but the brain is saying otherwise. I am also getting some heat to quit lifting from work colleagues and some family. They blame my issues solely on lifting, which is unfair. They are not considering my love for lifting and how much it means to me. I want to find a work around as well, but anything I do may cause this issue again. However, I will have to take some chances if I want to keep lifting.

Originally Posted by I WILL View Post
I have a good feeling you will still be able to hit the weights down the road. Don't discount it. With all the help you have here you will find a wayI also second Jay's idea. I think you would really make an excellent coachSomething to consider anyways.
Thanks Lisa! It is becoming that coach that may be a problem. We'll see, you never know!

I have been thinking of training for another cardio-thon tho! About 3 years ago, I did a 6 hour straight cardio session on a stairclimber, elliptical, treadmill, and bike.
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