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Default How to grow bigger, stronger, leaner?

SO im doing Steve's " Density and strength" workout on the muscle and nutrition site.
i observed the following:
- I am getting stronger every single day
- muscle getting denser
- adding a little more fat
- IMPORTANT: i finish the work out, but i feel like i can do so much more exercises, hit triceps more.. I FOLLOW THE PROGRAM very well, when it says 2 to 3 back workouts, i do that! i always reach 30 total reps for 7 sets, start at 8 first set and end at 2!

its been 5 weeks, im going to continue for 4 more months... any advice on how i should eat? increase calories, etc.

I wanna grow bigger, have bigger arms ( program doesnt focus a lot on arms)
i wanna be lean and strong.

age 19
5' 11"
chest 42" ... its nice when i just leave gym and cold, but not on other days ( not dense looking)
arm 15 1/2 "
deadlift - 405 lb for 2 reps
bench 235 lb for 3 reps
squat 315 for 6
.. bf % 8-10

should i workout my abs and side oblique ( love handles) I REALLY REALY want them to be straight.
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