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Hi! I have a question and any feedback u guys can give would be truly appreciated!
I am currently doing the wendler 5/3/1 program and I love it. All my lifts are doing great and I am constantly hitting new PR's. However, in the first two cycles I managed to increase my bench 1RM by over 100 lbs. Don't take me wrong, this is awesome! but now I am finding myself having to do around 21 + reps on the last set of every workout because my 1RM is so much higher than it used to be. Wendler recommends to increase the squat only by 10 lbs every cycle, so my question is: since my goal reps are so high, can I increase by 20 lbs my squat instead of 10?? This way my goal reps will go down a little bit and will fall more into the 1-10 rep range instead of the 10 - 25 rep range.

Thanks in advance!
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