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Ok, SO I revised it trying to incorporate some of your suggestions + what I noticed when I entered the gym. I feel my body is apt to handle the load of a full body workout if I approach it intelligently and don't overdo it (haha, the clock is my primary motivator to do work, seeing as I don't like spending more than 45 minutes after warmup in the gym).

Workout is divided amongst A B and C days, A day grants 1 day off, whilst B and C grant 2 days of rest.
Off days will include abbreviated cardio in addition to abs and the occasional pylometrics or whatnot, off days can be subtracted/added voluntarily based off how I gauge my vitality on certain days.

I'll be getting 3,500-4,000 calories a day but am not looking for nutritional advice atm.

My plan is to stick with this for a month and a half, at which point I will go on a protein sparing fast derivative diet for 4 weeks and then return to this, probably modifying it to be more tailored to a strength training approach.

5-10 minute cardio (ABC)
1x15 Power Clean and Press warm-up (full cleans) – or some variant on the reps (ABC)
1x20 Hyper Extensions (ABC)

3/2/2/2 Power clean (with one of them progressive cycles) (ABC) (taking light days if needed)

3x10 DB curls into Arnold press (switching to normal press when too difficult) – Speed focus – 45 seconds between sets. (A).
Barbell Static Grip (B)
Preacher Curl 3x12 – Power (C)

Dead lift (A)
Breathing Squats (20x squat) (B)
5x5 Front squat (C)
->Light Pullovers (1x15) (ABC)
->Same bar, 1x20 Hise Breathing Shrugs (ABC)
->Light Pullovers (1x15) (ABC)

3 x10 Dips/BP (lightly weighted with 1 minutes between sets) (A)
3 sets in the 3-5 range BP with DBs (B)
Rest-pause training on dips (C)

3 sets of Pull-up bar drop sets not weighted (Outer pull->Medium Pull->Medium Chin->Inner Chin) (A)
5x5 Heavy DB bent over rows (B)
1 Super set of Rest Pause Bent Over Rows into Upright rows (C)

3 x 10 Close Grip BP (speed – lighter weight) (A)
1x5 Military Press (Failure) (B)
3 x 10 Military Press (Light Weight – Speed – 1 minute between sets) (C)

2 x 10 Lunges (Full range of Motion- Moderate weight) (A)
3x 10 Good mornings (Lighter weight – speed- 1 minute between sets (B)
3x10 Calf Presses (15 seconds between sets) (C)

If completion of workout routine occurs prior to 1 hour after start
Optional – Heavy Weight Dumbbell Curls (2 sets of 10)
Optional- Pump sets (Light Super Sets/Drop Sets)
Optional – Demon Training on 1 Body part (Triple drop set with 8 forced reps on each set) (primarily Isolation exercises)

Few questions: A. never done good mornings before, is that a good way to approach them? B. How beneficial is "the pump" to increasing vascularity and/or recovery time. C. Is Demon training a viable option if Muscle Growth is my primary goal (I did them before and they made my quads so are **** but I know there's some controversy over this sort of thing.

Suggestion/Advice? - esp. on rep ranges - feel free to comment

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