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Firstly, my MedX session today went very well. I progressed from 165 to 175 lbs, all the while still reaching my 40 rep, 2 minute, and ROM goals. My lower back is most definitely getting stronger.

Secondly, my session tonight was feeling pretty weak, likely due to the intense Medx session earlier. I was literally exhausted like I never have been before. Thus, I decided to work up to a triple and then do some back off work.

Finally, I also had my appointment with Dr Babbin's, the Sports Medicine Doctor. This is the 2nd opinion. The good news is that the jury is still out, as he had to order more tests, namely a bone scan. He said he needs more information before forming his opinion. However, he strongly urged me to not do any maxing until the verdict is in. Unfortunately, more definitive answers will not be given to me until June 26th, when my follow up appointment is. The gist I got from him tho is that this isn't looking good. He also told me that he may even have to order more tests, depending on what this bone scan tells him.

The possibilities here include fractured and arthritic Facet Joints, spinal column narrowing, and inflammation.

My own personal thoughts at this moment include that the writing is on the wall regarding the end of my powerlifting "career". Needless to say, i will not risk my spinal health & possible paralysis for the sake of powerlifting.

The good news right now is that I have put my body in a good & healthy position to lift. Dr. Babbins said it is very unlikely that I will ever have to give up lifting completely, and that includes squats and deadlifts.

For the time being, it is probably a good idea for me to work my way up to triples at the most, and to limit how often I do them. I think that working in the range of 5-10 reps would work for me right now. I could do 5-8 rep range with the Crew, and say 8-10 rep work at home. I will likely do just freelance, instinctive training, as I don't think following prescribed weights is a good idea for me. I also think I should not do both heavy squats and deads in the same week.

I think it's prudent for me to just package everything I have learned for the past few years here and use my head to train smart. I am quite confident my body will give me many years to come of strong and fun lifting.

The best news tho today is that I can carry on deadlifting.

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