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Default First time in a bench shirt

...and possibly my last for a little while.

My used Titan Super Katana, size 46, arrived today. My first reaction, and the feeling I still have, is that the material doesn't "stretch" at all! Honestly, it might as well be made of steel.

Here's what I did before I shirted up-

Add slingshot-

At this point I put on the shirt. I used shirt slippers and I WAS able to get the end of the sleeves past my elbows, but just inside the edge of the sleeve was slightly wrinkled, and no matter what I did I couldn't get the sleeves to move up any more. I knew that they weren't even close to seating properly in my armpits, but I continued with putting it on.

Eventually I got it all the way over myself, and got my new lever belt on as well.

I put 375 on the bar and attempted to get into position, but I couldn't get my hands out to grip the bar without shooting my shoulders forward. The bar was too low. I adjusted my rack up an inch and got into position again.

This time I was able to unrack the bar and hold it over myself. The 375 might as well have been 135 as I held it. I tried to lower the bar and exactly what I thought would happen, did. It moved about 1 inch downward. That's it. 1 inch, then it stopped and I pushed it back up, then racked it. I laid on the bench for a few seconds because I was seeing stars, and I realized that the shirt had been choking me when I "lifted".

I pulled the shirt down a little under my belt, then collected myself before getting back into position to try again. I just kept thinking "Tuck your elbows, tuck your elbows and let the weight come down." I unracked the bar, then tucked my elbows as hard as I could. My elbows actually went over my stomach I tucked so hard.

The result? The bar came down 2 inches, at the most, before shooting back up.

But no stars this time, and I did get the bar to move twice as far, after all.

I know that it takes a lot of work to get a touch in a shirt, and I know that I was never going to even come close to touching 375, but I didn't try to add weight because I know that main problem; the shirt is just too tight. The arms should be seated higher. I can tell just by watching videos on youtube that this shirt doesn't fit as it should.

But, there's good news. I was already planning to lose weight. I'm currently in the high 230's, and I want to get down to the low 220's. Hopefully this will make the shirt fit better. I'll continue to try on the shirt every few weeks as I lose weight and see if it makes a difference in the fit. If once I reach the low 220's I still can't get it to seat correctly then I'll sell it and get a 48.

I'm also going to hold off on getting a squat suit until I can either make this shirt work or get one that does.
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