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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
It's not just an issue of males getting weaker, I'm not sure that I buy into that since power lifting records still fall and men keep getting bigger and bigger with each generation. I think it's more of an issue with society in general. Liberal and [traditional] feminine qualities are glorified while traditionall masculine traits are frowned upon. Our kids are bombarded with messages of anti-gun, anti-bullying, anti-hunting, football is too dangerous, rodeo is animal cruelty, large trucks are bad for the environment, farming and ranching are poor career choices, eating meat is bad for you and unethical, and a host of other such nonsense. I personally blame the lack of male teachers in the younger student's education. It's no wonder that our male population is trending towards the female/liberal ideal. And far be it that we speak out against it or be labeled a Neanderthal.
But it's not really to do with teachers, is it? Surely that's pinning a massive societal shift on one small factor?

Over the last century, women have gradually been acquiring more political and economic power, so it's not surprising that societal mores are starting to reflect this. I don't think we're in any position to complain - men have had their day in the sun for a very very long time. For centuries, men have dictated what the desirable qualities and values should be. It was never going to last forever. Another way of looking at this is to say it's about time the other half of the human race got a hand on the rudder.

I have mixed feelings about the shift. In some ways, I welcome it. I'm stereotyping here, but women are often more pragmatic, less selfish, less prone to doing stupid shit just to prove they're heroes, more willing to compromise. These can be good qualities in governance for example. Men are obsessed with the romantic ideal of Doing Their Own Thing and F**k Everyone Else. This may not be such a great way of going about things on a planet shared with seven billion other humans.

I think it's a bit rich to cast anyone speaking out about it as some sort of victim. C'mon OR, really? When the default insults for many Americans include:

'whining about it like a little girl'

etc etc?

The very language spoken (and in the UK too) explicitly links femininity/lack of masculinity/homosexuallity with everything that sucks (so to speak). I don't think there's any danger of being in a persecuted minority just yet
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