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Default Site Issues and Helping Others

I just want to encourage anyone with a site issue to reach out to me via PM.

If you think something is broken here let me know. I can't see everything, nor can I fix things that I don't know are broken.

The site is growing rapidly and we take it's direction very seriously. For a long time there were only a handful of men and women here giving advice simply because the forum was small. That number is improving, and I am thankful for that.

If you think someone needs help, help them. Be proactive. Don't wait for "someone more experienced" to step in. If you don't have time to help, let someone else know who can.

I receive several PMs each week about threads that aren't given their proper due. The truth of the matter is that 60%-70% of the members rarely post out of their logs, and those that do can't possibly answer every question or help every person with an issue. I certainly can't force people to help.

On the other hand, this is a community. If you see someone in need and don't think they are getting the help they need, respect the spirit of the site and the person in need and let someone know.

There are some members here that are seen as the "go to" guys for help. Understand that they have limited time, and that this is your forum too. Help however you can. If you are "wrong" no one here is going to attack you. That's not how MAB works.

This is a community of lifters and I encourage everyone here to join into the conversation. If you don't, and something goes unfixed, or someone goes unhelped, well...

I work nearly 14 hours a day. I can't see everything. Please, if someone needs help, or something needs fixing, don't let it so unsaid.

Another point I must bring up regarding helping others: some of you spent/spend endless hours on other forums answering questions but never do it here. I still haven't figured out why the forum has developed with this dynamic, but I know we WILL get it turned around. If you feel intimated to help here, please don't. This is a forum of respect and no one will flame you if there are disagreements.

This is a community and not my forum. Be proactive and help when you can.

I am thankful for ALL of you that have made MAB a home. This post doesn't exist to pressure anyone into giving up more time, please understand that. That is not me, nor they way I would ever want things to be around here. Occasionally I all called into action to address issues, and occasionally I need to remind folks that they have the potential to be the solutions.


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