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Rhamill7 is off to a good startRhamill7 is off to a good startRhamill7 is off to a good start

Good news everyone! I managed to take some money from my savings and bought a second hand squat rack for half the price it would be new!

That solves my squatting problems For my chest i tried the chest press on my multi gym and it felt good, i then tried dips on the dip bars on my new squat rack (practically doubles it's worth ) and that was much more difficult than the chest press as it is far more compound, i also found it very difficult, i'll check on the forum for dip form videos as i felt some pain in my lower back while doing them but it's looking better for my workouts

For my workout tonight i went and tried doing a light full body warm up followed by lighter sets of exercises as you suggested shorts! it felt pretty good
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