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Originally Posted by OHDL View Post
Thanks for the warm welcome, big motivation.
I don't think I mentioned my weight, 176lbs/80kg.
My last lower body day was an 85kg squat not 87.5kg, my bad.

March 27 th
Press 47.5kg x 4,4,3.
Cgbp 52.5kg x 8,8,6.
BB row 62.5kg x 8,8,7 [PR]
Weighted chins BW + 10lbs 7,6,5
Tri pushdown 28 kg x 11,11.
Hammer curls 12.5kg x 8,7.

March 28th
Squat 87.5kg 7,6,6.
RDL 85kg x 9,8.
Leg press 100kg x 20. 110kg x 17,17,14,14.
Leg curls 55kg x 12,12,12,11.
Weighted decline sit ups 6kg x 12,12,11
calf raises 50reps.
Nice work.
Anastas Dimitar Martin
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