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Originally Posted by Bill View Post
the russians (and Stan), are the strongest raw lifters in the world. I think the russians just work the hell out of the main lifts: squat, bench and deadlift. little to no variations. No boxes, no boards, etc. I think stan does similar.
Yep, I also read along the way that was pretty much what Stan did as well.

Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
Read this topic today on LRB. I don't agree with everything he says, but I do find it interesting. So, posting this just to add to the 'excitement'

" Here's the deal then. If WSB WORKED for raw lifters then eventually raw lifters would gravitate towards it because as noted, the proof shows up in the pudding. Yet all of the elite raw lifters I know, train pretty similarly. They manage their cycles, peak, and vary their intensity and volume. Again, all shit that has been done for decades and has been PROVEN to "work".

If you're going to run off at the mouth about geared lifters being stronger, or a methodology being better, then you'd better have some god damn proof of that. You'd better show that a certain method "works" better. Again, "works" means that the result is the same the great majority of the time, and that your guys best other guys using your methods.

I personally think the WSB method is the preferred method for most geared lifters because it "works" in that regard. It produces big geared numbers. However it does not "work" for raw training."
Who wrote that? I would tend to agree with them.

The thing about WS is those guys at WS dont compete raw. WS is more than what you read in a book, it is molded for each lifter at WS to fit their needs.

With that being said, I dont train WS. Just felt like it wouldnt work for me. I train a lot closer to the "old school" way of thinking. It has worked fine for me. Moving down to Florida will put me training with a different group of guys. Many of which are stronger and have much more knowledge than me. My plan? Shut up and listen. I would suggest that most people do the same, might actually learn something.
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