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Default Issues with small dose prohormones and a continuous cycle?

I was reading on another thread and someone mentioned that a friend was taking prohormones at a smaller dose, several times a week much like hormone therapy. I want to ask a hypthetical, cause this made me think.

Let's say you do 3 prohormone cycles a year. Let's say that equates to a total of 180 tablets. That's an average of one tablet every other day. Any thoughts of the possible positives or negatives to instead taking one tablet every other day instead? Would this be worse of better for the liver do you think? Not talking benefits yet. Just curious about liver health.

I would also like to know if you think you would receive any strength or size gains from doing this. Another question I have is do you think if you were on hormone therapy, that taking orals like this would be a waste?
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