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Default Muscle Imbalance

A couple of weeks ago I realized that the right side of my body has a much more forward posture than that of my left side. I have been lifting consistently for about a year and a half now and while the left side of my body has developed nicely, my right pec, trap, lat and delts only look developed when my shoulder droops forward. I didn't notice this until I started packing on serious mass and noticed that my right pec was very undeveloped (bad form benching, dumbbells, etc). Now, as I try to correct my unbalanced muscles, I am confused as to how and how much to lift. I am worried that if I drop weight to 'redevelop' my right side, I will lose significant poundage on my left side but at the same time am left wondering whether muscle is only lost from lack of activity, not lighter lifting. I know dumbbells are known to automatically fix muscle imbalance, but I've been using dumbbells all along (I'm pretty sure my left side over compensated for my bad form ie my left shoulder blade was completely on the bench, while my right was hanging slightly off.) I know I should have fixed my form to begin with, I just always blamed genetics rather than posture (facepalm).
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