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Thanks fellas! Oh yeah, PRs for sure as long as I don't bomb or something silly. I'm going to open with meet PRs for squat and bench most likely. Tom, I'm shooting for around 1050 (475ish Kg?). About a 380-85 Squat, 280-90 bench and a 396 deadlift (Crom willing!). I'm not pushing the squat or bench too much above gym lifts as I'm saving myself for a big deadlift on the end. Big for me anyway. Deadlift has always been a tough one for me, but I'm finally starting to feel like I get it. We'll see. Wish me luck!

I feel massively GOOD. I mean superman strong. Pause bench today was nothing! (as it should be being just above my opener, haha!). Was done so quickly with bench I decided to whip out some more practice on deadlifts and squats. Just light weights and ripping them to get a little of that good mojo feeling.

warmups: Just a little arm and shoulder stuff that mimics what I will do in the meet to warmup.

Pause Bench:
2x 215
1x 235
1x 255

Speed Deadlifts:
5x 225

6x 185


I seriously was considering cleaning that last 225. Haha. Good thing I had my hands alternating or I might have tried it. That wouldn't have been smart though.


Might sound silly, but I used to need so much warmup to start squatting decent weights, but now I can just step up and rip squats right up well into the 200s. Warming up is better of course, but I'm just saying my base level of strength is so much higher with squats than it was even 6 months ago.

There you go. I'm in great shape. Still hovering around 200 lbs so will go lower carb tomorrow, squat friday, some carbs after. Then no carbs over the weekend, see what the scale says Monday. I think I'm just at a sticky point on the scale and need a little no carb boost to get past it.

T-minus 10 days.
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