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Angry Planet Fitness rant.

I have a rant for you all... I'll post this in the general subject forum as well for those who don't follow my journal...

So currently I have three gyms I train at (technically 4 but 2 are the same company, different locations):

1.) Perfect Shape because of it's heavy dumbbells.
2.) APECS because it's a fully functioning strongman facility
3a.) Planet Fitness
3b.) Planet Fitness Boston.

My rant is about Planet Fitness, as I'm sure you all expected. I HATE that they make me feel so uncomfortable whenever I go there. They go on and on about being a "judge ment free zone" yet anytime I go there, they judge me (well one specific person does).

This d*ckhead regional manager always has something to say about my training, no matter what I'm doing. I was doing Rack Pulls with 765lb the other day, and he had issues that the weight was too heavy and the barbell was bent. He had issues that I was doing barbell shrugs with 855lb and the bar was bent more... Why should I be kept to training with lighter weight when I'm fully capable of handling MORE than I even have been...

I asked why he has such a problem with my training there, he said I'm:
-Too big
-Too strong
-Intimidate members

D*ck! For one thing I never intimidate people, and if I can tell someone seems uncomfortable around me I break the ice and make jokes of conversation, and then they loosen up, ask a few training questions, then all is well. The statement I'm too strong is silly, there's no such thing!

The fact he said I am too big really bothered me because I felt like he was making me sit in the back of the bus, use a separate water bubbler, go to separate schools...etc. I felt like I was being discriminated against, because of my appearance. I know the examples I gave are bold and over dramatic, BUT bottom line is prejudice is prejudice, no matter where or how it happens... and it feels lousy. Why is it I should be penalized for working hard towards achieving my goals? Why should my years of dedication be torn down by one mans opinion, which slowly infects those who catch wind of it...

I asked what policies I have violated, he said none, but that he knows I don't fit there, that I'm a big fish in a small pond and need a bigger watering hole... So today (this is the reason for the rant) I walked in the gym for a leg workout... His car was parked at the front door (in a fire lane, not only violation of their policies but also violation of state law and breach of public safety)... I knew it was going to be a rude, very judgmental workout... I stretched for about 15 minutes to try and get my head clear, free from the mindset that he was going to come up and complain to me, or make me feel discriminated against (trust me I could rip him in half, and wouldn't mind it, but I'm diplomatic with social issues, never want to burn any bridges, maybe my next boss turns out to be his uncle...etc. Small world, never know).

End of stretching I just knew I wasn't welcome, and left... took the day as an off day to recoup, but that's not fair and no PAYING MEMBER should ever be made to feel that way...

Anyways I guess I just wanted to get that out of my head and into yours... Now I feel better haha...


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