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Hey man. My program is fairly basic in approach. And I will give just a quick run down with the weight selection for week 1 then a general progression plan. It revolves around training 5 days a week. But that can be altered. Day one bench and bench assist, Day two dead and dead assist. day 3 squat and squat assist. day 4 upper body assist. Day 5. Lower body assist. Runs for 10 weeks, with a progression of 2 weeks at 5x5 on main lifts, 2 weeks on 4x4, 2 weeks on 3x3, 2 weeks on 2x2 then prepping for and testing maxes. Deadlift is run differently, running from four weeks at 3x3 to four weeks at 2x2. Rep ranges for assistance movements vary from mini cycle to mini cycle , with the total main sets always adding to 8 sets. and can change based on specific weak points. I identify these using videos generally. So a standard week one looks like this:
Bench press 5x5
band bench/ speed bench 3x3
Shoulder work

Deadlift 3x3
Speed/ band deadlift 3x5
Good mornings 3x8
Bent over row 3x8

paused squat

Weighted chins

close grip bench press

shoulder work


Box/ speed squat
3 x 5
Kneeling squats/ any other hip based movement 3x5
Grip work and rotator cuff work.
Anything else

Thats the idea anyway.
Week 5 for example then would just change to

bench press
Band bench press/ speed bench

Speed deadlift

Paused squat

weighted Chins

Close grip bench 3x3

Everything else stays the same throughout.
Based on your maxes I would start week one using
Bench press: 100
Squat: 130
Deadlift: 190
Increase weights by at least 2.5kg each week for the same rep range, with an ideal jump of 5kg if possible. And at least 5 up to max 7.5kg for jumps to a lower rep range. so if you use 135 squat 5x5 on week two, you jump to 142.5kg for week 3. If you miss reps on the previous weeks you use the lower jump and eat more food. If you hit all reps use the higher one.
This brings you to a final week of approximately
Bench: 132.5kg or 135kg 2x2
Squat: 165 to 170 2x2
Deadlift: 220-225 2x2
using an average jump across the 8 weeks.
Chins and close grip bench will be increased by your own discretion but have to go up week to week.
Then after 8 weeks of this. Week nine
Bench max
Squat max
Monday of week 10
Deadlift max
Then a full at least one week off.

Maxes should jump to 145ish on bench, 180-190 squat, and 240 deadlift. This may not work fully but you are guaranteed at least some increase to your total in 10 weeks time. With the figures above being optimal. To support this I use a very high protein diet at least 2 grams per lb of bodyweight. Assistance movements mentioned above are a guideline and change based on constant monitoring of weakpoints. If you like the look of the system, give it a shot and I will give you any input you need along the way. i used this exact program to go from 540 to 600 in one round so it does work, at least for me. But won't generally work two rounds back to back. Only other thing I did was I switched to pausing all pressing movements, so no tng bench, close grip bench, or overhead. Which has made me very quick off the chest in bench.I won't be offended if you don't try it though.
Neart ar Ngeag
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