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Sarvpriy is off to a good startSarvpriy is off to a good startSarvpriy is off to a good start

Some people say cardio will do....some say cardio is good for warm up only weights will do....some say cardio will effect your knees.....some say you will gain weight as soon as you leave gym....some say take this crash deit plan......some say eat this....some say drink this.....some say drink green tea....some say drink black chocolate....some say drink whey after workout....some say don't drink anything after workout just be with no salt and no sugar in all day diet......!!!!!
Really don't get that to whom should I listen and what should I follow in my routine...
I am a sales consultant and on business tours at most of the times....go to gym 4 - 5 days a cardio for one hour and weight for next one hour....reduced sugars fried food...ten glasses of water a day... three cups of green tea..salads in evening rather than having what next..because till date I failed to reduce even one gram of my body weight...something at somewhere is going wrong which I am not able to check or I am missing...but really don't know..
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