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Originally Posted by Squatter View Post

I simply have never felt better in my life. I have recovered weeks early from my eye surgery and my Birdshot has stabilized, which the surgeon said he has never seen before so quickly after surgery. My Chiropractor is amazed at how fast my back got aligned. The MedX Doc today couldn't believe how I crushed it, even after being away for 4 weeks. My ROM on the machine increased 10 degrees. He said that is unheard of. I am literally just in tears of joy at how good I feel. I have to give much of the credit to my diet and supplement changes that have obviously proven to have reduced my inflammation caused by my immune system. The Silver Biotics supplement is just freaking amazing. It is even helping my daughter with a health issue where she gets cold hands. The Docs could not figure it out and she was kind of hopeless. I want to fly down to Florida and give Lisa a big hug.

As I mentioned above, I crushed the MedX machine today, even after just 1 day of recovery from deadlifts on Sunday. Although he kept it at the same weight, 165 lbs, because of the layoff, I did 10 degrees better ROM and 2 extra reps in 23 less seconds than last time. Lower back still feels great, even after benching tonight.

Even tho i have lost some strength, I couldn't be in a better position 6 weeks out from my meet simply because of how unreal amazing I feel. I am 100% what I eat. It is worth doing without potato's tomato's and dairy

Bench Press (Paused)
95 X5
135 X5
155 X5
175 X5
195 X5
205 X3
225 X3
240 X1
185 X8
165 X10
145 X12
135 X10
I felt strong, controlled, and powerful today on bench. However, after the 240, I knew I didn't have much if any left in the tank for heavy work. I am listening to my body 100%.

Military Press
95 X9
95 X8
95 X7
95 X6
Officially spent!

Band Pushdowns
4 Sets X 25 Reps each
I love this exercise!!

Squatter195X5BenchPressPaused - YouTube

Squatter205X3BenchPressPaused - YouTube

Squatter225X3BenchPressPaused - YouTube

Squatter240X1BenchPressPaused - YouTube
Great workout Super Jim! I'm sooooooooooo happy for you bud!!! Tons of good news and lots of great lifting! I don't call you Super Jim for nothing!!!!
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