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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
You will have problems loading enough weight after a while to make the lift progressive. Seems you are already running into difficulty in that regard. The Split Squat is still a squat except you use one leg instead of two. It is easy to load progressively by holding a dumbbell or shouldering a lighter barbell. Coupled with the deadlift and you will have all the major musculature covered in the lower body.

Weighted parallel bar dips are easy to do with limited equipment and it would be difficult to find a better exercise for chest, shoulder, and arm strength. They are much easier to load than weighted push-ups and much more demanding when unweighted. Your chest press machine might be okay, but I prefer natural movements that don't lock you into a plane of motion, especially since you are a fighter.
So are these split squats going to give me similar gains in size and strength to regular squats after time?

And ah i see, i can't think of anywhere i can hang from to do them off the top of my head, would the side of two chairs be okay ?
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