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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
1) If you can't Squat, then do a combination of Bulgarian Split Squats and Deadlifts.
2) If you can't Bench Press, then replace them with Weighted Parallel Bar Dips.
3) For conditioning, try to replicate the intensity of fighting; pull/push sleds, run hills, sandbag training, loading drills, sledgehammer drills, etc.
I can do the squat it's just i have trouble getting the weighted bar into the proper position to do one. I'd rather squat than not so to speak.

Are weighted pushups that i've been doing or the chest press on my home multi gym no good for my chest?

Yeah i get what you mean my friend, i try to take as few breaks as possible or as short as possible and always give it my all. I'll certainly look those exercises up and give em a shot!

Thank You for you're advice!
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