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Default Help with Home Workout Routine (if possible)

Hello all, first off this thread has some bodybuilding and power lifting elements to it but i wasn't sure what section to post in so i picked this one as there was more viewers. To give you all an idea of where I'm coming from before I go into my problems I'll give you some back ground information.

BackGround Info
Right now I'm a university student but also an aspiring MMA fighter. However I am the smallest and lightest person at my club, probably the weakest too so I'm going to change that. I have a pretty tight schedule through the week so i have id say about an hour a day to train. My training days are as follows:

Monday - day off
Tuesday - 5x5 routine workout A 7-8pm followed by some stretching
Wednesday - MMA training 6-7pm
Thursday - 5x5 routine workout B 7-8pm followed by some stretching
Friday- MMA training 5-7pm
Saturday- day off
Sunday 5x5 routine Workout A 7-8pm followed by some stretching

(Note: Workouts A and B alternate)

I'm currently following the novice 5x5 routine from icecream fitness ( I am unable to post the link but I'm sure some of you are familiar with it)

My Goals are as follows:

1. Become Stronger (find and increase 1RM in all 3 major compounds deadlift squat bench)

2. Achieve Hypertrophy and become visually bigger.

3. Cardio, basically not gass out (run out of energy) during MMA training.

4. Improve flexibility.

(the reason for the limited technique training and why becoming a better fighter is not my number 1 goal is because the club only runs twice a week.)

Problems requiring help
Although i really enjoy this program from my limited experience of it (2-3 weeks) I'm having a few problems with it. These problems are as follows:

1. I do not own a squat rack. I have a bar that I am able to squat with and the weights but as i can't start from an elevated position. I need to clean and press(at least that's what i think i'm doing) and then lower the weight down to my shoulders, this limits how much i can actually squat as i feel my elbows shoulders and lats hurt when I'm swinging and lowering the weight up on my back.

2. I have no bench to lie down on, so i have been doing push ups with push up bars for extra depth and putting weight plates into a back pack and working out my chest in this way rather than benching.

3. The lack of cardio in this program. I'm not sure where i could fit it in or if it would result in over training.

4. I'm not sure if I am giving the stretches enough time, right now i do each stretch for about 30 seconds, or if I am doing the right stretches for the workout I am doing. At the moment i just do a stretch for every part of my body but it is very time consuming.

I have some other options available to me for the different exercises so i'll post the equipment i have here with the links below the equipment so you guys can get a better look at them:
(Note: I am unable to post links as I'm under 15 posts but if you guys could google them that would work as they are not that hard to find. )

Extra note: i am practically broke so I don't have the money to go out and buy anything.


Weider PRO 5500 Home system multi gym
Domyos 50Kg weight set:
Domyos 20Kg Weight set
Pull up bar
A Weider curl bar with two 11kg weight plates. (At least i think that is what it is as I bought them used.)

Cardio equipment:

Bike (I also have a resistance stand so it can cycle indoors)
Rowing machine
Jump rope
Outdoors (eg. running)

Thank you very much for any assistance you guys could provide. I have some questions about nutrition too but i will save that for another post. This one is long enough. Thanks again!
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