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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I think you looked stronger than ever Jen. Your 3rd bench flew off your chest, and your last deadlift was just a little hip drive from being a good lift.

I apologize for being off. I had only about one hour of sleep the night before and was in a bit of a fog. I didn't notice how far your guy had set up your shoulders away from the bar on that awkward hand off. I should have caught that.

I feel horrible about your third squat. You know I am picky about squat depth and it looked good to me all day. I made the mistake at your first meet of sending you too low and I was trying not to repeat it.
STOP feeling horrible!! I trust you 100000000000%. You being there meant the world to me. You and Heidi driving all the way out here, it's incredible. It speaks to the amazing, selfless, giving human being you are. I love you Steve!
Originally Posted by brad1224 View Post
Great numbers and I love how u raised over 100k such a great event
Thank you That check had everyone in tears!
Originally Posted by northernbulk View Post
great job
Thank you!
Originally Posted by sleepingdog View Post
As soon as details start coming together for the 2014 post it up. Maybe we can make it a MAB outing!
That would be EPIC! March of 2014 -- when the day gets nailed down, I will let you know!
Originally Posted by Cutty View Post

You are an inspiration to me and it is amazing what you did at this meet. Your lifts are strong and you seemed to have a lot of fun. I hope I can make it next year!
I had a blast -- the love in the room was palpable
Originally Posted by J_Byrd View Post
I know you dont think so Jen, but that is amazing progress over this year! All the ups and downs you have had in both the gym and personal life, this is nothing short of amazing! Be proud of what you did, I sure am!

As far as the whole squat thing goes, We both know if BTB gave you an up call, it was a good squat!

What you guys have done for those kids is something that will be in their minds forever. Pat yourself on the back, you EARNED IT!
Thank you my friend Time to get some work in to make next year even better!
Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
congrats on the meet Jen , you have put in great work and made some BIG progress this year,
i wouldnt worry too much on the squat call - id be like you and take Steves judgement on dept all day long , you know you can squat that now so there is your opener for the next meet

well done again and look forward to the vids if there are any
Thank you Al! Congrats on your meet as well!!
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