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Saturday 3/23/13 USPA Show-Me State Classic

First of all this training cycle has been very up and down. I had quite a bit of personal and professional travel that put me behind. I also think there are some other factors that I will get into at the end of this.

My daughter and I drove down late Friday night and stayed with a friend near Springfield for the night.

I never sleep well the night before a meet so I woke up around 515 and we got up and went to IHOP for breakfast before weighins. Had some eggs, bacon and pancakes. Nothing too spectacular. Just some fuel and somewhat normal. Didn't want to mess up my stomach for the day.

I arrived at the Howard Johnson around 715 to weigh in at 730 and found out there would be 78 lifters for the day. This was by far the biggest powerlifting meet I've ever been in. Even so, I think Clint did a great job and it ran smoothly. I did hear he is going to cap it at 60 next time though. Weighed in at a svelte SHW and grabbed some coffee and hung out with my daughter until rules.

Because there were 5 flights of squats, 6 flights of benches, and 5 flights of deadlifts I knew I wouldn't be lifting for a while. I was right. I don't think I started warming up until well after 11. Squat warmups were as follows:

add belt

Opened at 640 and got it easily
2nd attempt 716 miss. Slowed way down going into the hole and it killed my rebound. Not sure why I did this
3rd attempt just didn't have it. Miss
Notes: At no point did I even think I would miss 716. It wasn't that far from the 705 I hit in November and even though the training cycle hadn't been the greatest I figured I could will myself to gut it out. More on this later. On to benches.

After an extremely long break between lifts it was time to bench. Warmups were as follows:

Opened at 380 and got it
2nd attempt 408 and got it
3rd attempt 418 miss
Notes: Bench was one thing that was hurt from the travel and lack of training. That I have to get with some people that bench better than me. My setup isn't tight enough in training and I'm reinforcing bad habits. Work in progress. On to the deadlifts.

It was every bit of 7pm by the time we were deadlifting. We had started the meet at 10am... I don't need to say I was tired. But, after warming up my deads I did feel ready to go. Warmups were as follows:


Opened at 644 and got it pretty easily.
2nd attempt 683 which would have been a 5lb PR from last meet and I just didn't have anything left.
Scratched the 3rd

Ok, here's the deal. I have 3 points to ponder on the reasons why my meet turned out the way it did:
1. Most importantly I let myself fall victim to a cookie cutter training program and didn't pay attention to my own personal weaknesses as I have in the past. I should have overhauled and tweaked the program to fit me. This cost me and actually caused me to backslide a bit.

2. I trained to heavy. When I set my percentages up for the program I set them up using 100% of my max. In the past I've alway used 90% of my max. I have no idea why I strayed away from this other than I think I got a little greedy in strength gains and was trying to speed things up.

3. I paid too much attention to higher rep sets instead of to lower rep sets with heavier weights for technique's sake. I know this seems to contradict the above statement but it doesn't. I don't necessarily need to train at 100% of my max to get the work in, but I do think that doubles and triples at 70-90% are needed to hone in technique with enough weight to force your body to work under load.

Moving forward I will be working with a coach for my programming. After thinking about this for the past 24 hours I truly believe that at my current strength level I don't know how to peak for a meet. I have the will, the drive, and the mindset to put the work in, but I need someone to help me put the pieces together. I'm excited about this. I know huge numbers will fall at the next meet.

Lastly, I would like to thank my sponsors for continuing to support me in this sport that I love. Chris Byrd and Supplement Supersource you all have been a great friend and teammate, and I appreciate the products, advice and encouragement. Athletic Xtreme thank you for the fantastic supplements to get me to the next level. Jeremy and Erica with Warfare Clothing thank you for the awesome gym wear and for believing in me. And finally Ken Anderson and Anderson Powerlifting thank you for the amazing gear. Together we will achieve great things in 2013!
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