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See, I wouldn't necessarily reset if you miss reps. You can have a bad day or whatever, even a couple bad sessions for whatever reason and not need to reset. If I missed a rep or two, I'd keep that session exactly the same and do it again next week and see what happens. If you miss any again, then yes, reset. But give yourself an out to account for just a bad day or bad couple days.

You do have a lot of assistance lifts. Be sure you have a reason for doing all of them. SOme of it is just overkill probably.

This article is as good as it gets when thinking of designing workouts for powerlifting:

I think of it this way. I have one or two big lifts that those sets are crucial to get done. Squats, bench, deadlift, OHP. Then I'll hit a variation of a lift that is less important, say CGBP or something like that, then some muscle sets that is even less important, like triceps and that's it. As long as I get my main work done, it's a good session. If I get the variation done too great. If I hit everything well then it's excellent. But the main work is what's important.

So if it was me, I'd hit the big lift of the day, then your secondary lift, then some variation of one of them, then a muscle to finish things off. If there are other things you want to do that get squeezed out, rotate them in week to week and drop something else.

Like on Monday for example, hit 5 sets of cleans to warm up, then your deadlifts, bench, maybe rack pulls or rows, then do some leg curls or leg press or something like that. Done.

But have a reason for doing whatever it is you are doing. Assistance lifts are to address a weakness or strengthen a key area of your main lifts. And it doesn't take a ton of work to hit those small areas pretty hard. If you're squatting properly, you probably don't need to hit the adductors for example. You probably don't need 8 sets of dips either. Do 2-3 for higher reps to get more bang for the buck. that kind of thing.

You have basically 5-7 working sets of bench a week, and 5 working sets of OHP. You're not going to overtrain anything with that. That's a good amount of volume and intensity. No worries. My thought On OHP press was if it's too easy, you're not accomplishing much.
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