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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
But you could just do:
week 1
M- DL 90%, Bench 75%
W- Bench 90% Squat 75%
F- Squat 90%, DL 75%
thanks mike,
you're right about this, that is exactly what i intended to do, but it was a copy and paste error. i corrected it just before i saw your response.

and i was planning to reset after i can't make all the reps like in 5/3/1. maybe back off 90% of current working max or something.

i tried the first sunday/monday workout just now, but didn't have time to get through it all. looks like i'm going to have to cut back on sets or switch them over to other days.

and yeah, i guess i was thinking light on overhead press because i'm afraid of overtraining chest. maybe a bit more weight won't hurt?

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