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I think you have the wrong impression about bulk and cut. One does not mean get fat and the other does not mean starve and cause yourself harm. There's no reason to assume your face will get fat because you are eating some extra calories as a teenager.

You simply need to eat normally. Eat good whole foods with some protein at every meal and don't let yourself feel hungry for too long.

Might be hard for you to do, but you need to let go of these distractions. Simply take it one day at a time. Eat properly and do your workout, then rest properly and do it all over again on your next workout day. All this speculation and angst over things that may or may not happen is distracting you and is useless in the end.

Just do the work as Kuyt said and also eat and sleep properly. That's it. Track your progress and any changes in your body as you go. If you see something you dont like make changes to address it or ask advice and then take the advice without worrying about what will happen.

Now, maybe this is a one time thing, but if depressive or compulsive thoughts can turn you off food or prevent you from training, then you need to tell your doctor about them and see if there's something you can do to cut down on those thoughts. It is not healthy to let moods affect you so severely and I get the impression your moods do affect you regularly. I get depressed from time to time too, but I try to never let it stop me from working toward my goals. You are potentially letting your depression derail your goals.

You fell off the horse this week. Get back on it next week. Just get through the week, don't worry about actor's pictures or modeling jobs or anything. Just eat, sleep and get your workouts done for one week.
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