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Louie is great...enjoy your training bro!!!

Originally Posted by SecondsOut View Post
For my previous log, my goal was size. I wanted to pack on as much muscle as possible as quickly as possible in the amount of time I can dedicate to lifting throughout the week. I had been lifting like this since ~Dec. 9th., so the total time I spent on this routine was roughly 3 months (12/9/12 - 3/9/12). I went from 160 lbs. @ ~10% bodyfat to 180 lbs. ~15% bodyfat. I'm not very concerned about gaining fat right now, and I'm not interested in discussions about caloric intake. If you think this is too much fat gain and too many calories (see my Diet log linked in my signature. The posts are old, but I still eat pretty much the same stuff/same amounts), then please either keep your comments to yourself or just don't read my log.

This log is different. I've recently had the opportunity to join a Westside gym, 1 of 8 gyms in the country that has Louie Simmons's permission to call itself a Westside gym. I've always thought it would be great to compete in powerlifting, but I've never taken this seriously. I'm ready to take it seriously now. My goal is to compete in the 165 lb. weight class.

No, I haven't abandoned my goal of getting big. But I don't think anyone would call Westside a program designed to build mass. Well, the way this gym works, once you're finished your Dynamic and Max effort work and your secondary work, you can pretty much do whatever you want. I plan on doing plenty of extra general physical preparedness work (GPP), like sled dragging, prowler sled pushing, tire flipping, wheelbarrow pushing, etc.

Although the 165 lb. class seems light, I'm still not big enough or strong enough to compete in this class. If I were to go on a serious cut right now, I'd get down to 165 easily, but I'd lose muscle as well, and my overall bf% probably wouldn't go down much. I might have to cut to 150 or less to really get my bf% low, and there's no way I'd ever consider doing that. No; rather, it would be better to maintain 180-185 lbs. for a good long while, gradually reduce my bf% by increasing my lean mass, and then finally cut down to 165. I don't know what a realistic time frame for this is, I just know it will take a long time. I don't foresee "cutting" or intentional reduction of calories in the near future, so do not fear: the perma-bulk is still on!

I've been on Westside for two weeks. The next post will be all the Westside workouts I've done during this time. The following post will begin my regular log.
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