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Originally Posted by dossas View Post
How long have you been eating the way you listed? It looks to me as though you have been grossly undereating for someone your size.

6 - 7 = Gym
7- 7:30 = Protien (Hydro Whey) ~120-150 calAfter taking bath and after atlest one hour to protien shake a Breakfast of Oatmeal or Cornflakes with skimmed milk. ~200-300 cal9 - 9:30 = office.
10:30 = Green Tea
11:30 = Green Tea
12:30 = Hydroxycut Elite Cap (One)
1:00 = Lunch (two Chapattis, One Vegitable, Curd and before lunch I ensure that i drink atleast Five glasses of Water. ~300-400 cal1:30 = Green Tea
2 - 5 = atleast four to Six Glasses of Water.
5:30 = Green Tea
6:30 = Back to Residence
7:00 = Some oatmeals ~200 cal8:30 = Dinner (Two Chapattis, One Vegitable) ~200-300 cal9:30 = A Small Walk

I've approx your calories above (I'm totally guessing since we don't know how you cooked the food and your portion sizes), but even on the high side I put you at around 1300-1500 cal @ ~250lbs body weight. which is TOO LOW as far as I'm concerned

You NEED to have a good source of protein with EACH meal. The % of carb/protein/fat can be altered to your needs, but total protein and calorie intake are vital to losing fat and keeping/gaining lean muscle mass.
Bro actually I am on this diet for last one month. But this is diet which I am following creates little starving.
I am from North India....but i dont take any animal products i.e I am veg but usually eat white eggs occassionally.
Most of the time I am on tours and on those days I try to be on the diet above but food in hotel you know...but still i try to select only those menus where i will be served less oil or less sugar.
There is no change in my weight from last one month..
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