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tayjeremy is off to a good starttayjeremy is off to a good starttayjeremy is off to a good start

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I don't advocate general principles like this ^. It doesn't factor in current volume, lifter's history, etc.

Also, pulling back the volume in one big sweeping move is not wise. If the volume is pulled back, or needs to be pulled back, it should be done slowly and based on needs.

You count the reps, yes. You still want to aim for improvement, or worst case, holding steady.

Regarding changes for cutting, I wouldn't make any. It's going to take 3-4 weeks to dial in your cutting diet as is, and after that point I would assess how things are going.

When cutting, if anything, I pull the a set on assistance work but keep the big hitting exercises the same when possible.

Listen to your body and make adjustments off specific needs. Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks! The answer seemed so obvious after you put it that way. Sweeping changes tend to be problematic.

Been doing what you advised, keeping everything in and only taking out accessories when needed. Thanks again BtB
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