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Yep. SHort memeory is optimal in these situations. Thanks Fellas. I'll get it for sure one of these times. Thanks for the support. It is very much appreciated.

ANyway, decided to get back my man card and go a little above and beyond today. Back felt good, I was having a good day and the weather was beautiful so I threw in some extras today and had some fun. I was careful JB! Didn't push it too much. Just enough to feel good about myself again.

BIG week 16

warmups: Swings and a lot of back and hamstring stuff.

Speed Deadlift:
3x 3x 275 (maybe not as fast as I'd like, but pretty easy)
1x 315, 335

Speed Bench, mixed grips:
6x 3x 185 (Got better as I went along)

Circuit 1:
Hammers: 2x 10x 33
EZ lying extensions: 2x 12x 70+EZ

Circuit 2:
BB Curl: 2x 15x bar
Band Pushdown: 2x 30
3x 15x band face pulls

Frame carry, more speed than heavy:
2x 185ishx 25 yds
2x 225ishx 25 yds

Some back yoga and hamstring stretches

First 275:
Last 275:

Still feel I'm leaning forward a little in the middle of the lift. I need to pull back more right from the start I think, but if you see anything else feel free to comment. Deadlift is my cross to bear for sure, but it's getting better.

First 185, a bit slow, should have warmed up!:
Middle 185, close grip, much better:
Last 185, close grip too:
First 225 Frame carry:
Last 225 frame carry:

It's really your grip that goes more so than anything else in these carries! I used 2 inch PVC handles and it is quite a challenge hanging on after a while! But good stuff anyway. Definitly love the strongman stuff!

There you go. Fun stuff today. I feel good. Openers next week and meet in two weeks. 1030-50 total right there for me to put up if I just do what I can do. Weight is good too. Just over 200. No problem dropping a couple lbs in the next two weeks.

It's coming together.
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