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Default Muscle Gauge Nutrition Pure Isolate Whey Protein

I recently ordered a 5lb tub of MGN whey, in rocky road flavor based on recommendation, from M&S. I settled on this because of the protein content per scoop, number or servings per tub, and overall cost of the product.

In true M&S fashion, my protein arrived in 5 days, well packaged and exactly as described. Perfect service.

The container was quite full, less wasted container than many products. Packaging was professional and concise. Nutritional info clearly listed, no ridiculous fine print or outlandish claims. Freshness seal was fully intact.

Initial impression was a good smell, fine powder, with no clumps.

I take my whey post workout. This is especially important on days where I finish prior to meal time, as my meal times are prescribed for me, and I'm usually quite hungry after lifting. Taking a shake eases the hunger prior to getting whole foods.

I've made a few shakes so far, with both water and milk. Either way mixes very easily, even using an empty water bottle as a shaker. No clumping, easy to drink consistency, similar to chocolate milk.

Taste. Taste is this products downfall. And not a small one. The flavor is something I can only guess would be similar to concentrated coffee flavoring. It's overpoweringly sweet. Almost nauseating. I'm having a hard time drinking the whole thing without a chaser of something that isn't sweet. The sucralose content is not listed as a numerical value, but it should be. Sucralose being one of the sweetest sugar substitutes approved for human consumption. Overbearing. Obnoxious. Punishment. Just a few words to describe the sweetness. And I'm one that enjoys candy and sugary drinks.

There was so much good happening up to the point where I actually drank the shakes, that I was shocked at this glaring error. Unfortunately, it's not one I can look past. This is a deal breaker for me on future purchases. I don't expect supplement to be a delightful treat, I consider it to be in the same league as medicine. Taste is backseat to function and value. This isn't just about taste though, it's an error on the manufacturers Parton assuming the consumer needs that much sweetener added to palate the drink.

Packaging 9/10
Mixing 10/10
Value 9/10
Taste 3/10

I want to like this product for all it's pros, but that one glaring problem will prevent me from purchasing it again until I've been shown that it has changed. I also cannot in good conscience recommend this to anyone else. I shared some with others who, without warning them of my issues, echoed the same complaint.

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