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Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
Take it easy on him. He's trying to learn and do things right. There's value in that. Imagine if all of us had access to guidance like we can give here when we were starting. We would have been better off in the end, but probably more confused at the beginning.
Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
Sorry If I annoyed you with my questions, I was just getting confused.
However, I've got things into perspective now, and have a goal in mind.

Heres my training log.

If I was still in that mind set, and was confused and couldn't take on board what was been said countless times by the other member's, then what makes
you think making a special shouty thread for me would make any difference. :P
it's not so much the questions, it's what he does (or doesn't do) with the answers. he's had the same questions answered many times and usually doesn't seem to have read things that were said to him days ago. if he doesn't remember the stuff and doesn't seem to have read it, what's the point of asking the question? i for one don't enjoy taking part in a shit show.
second, whenever someone gives him good advice -- and he's received a LOT of it -- he immediately begins the process of breaking it down, testing its limits, asking a zillion follow-up questions that obliterate the original answer or obscure his original purpose. when you ask a person for advice, and when you're in a position of needing advice, you either take the advice or you don't take the advice, it's your turn to either decide it's good and follow it or decide it's crap and throw it out. you don't pretentiously engage the person in a debate.
kid, i agree that asking questions is great, and you should continue to do so, but you've asked way more than enough for now. it's not time to ask us our thoughts on a dozen different YouTube videos about guys who you want to look like, it's not time to ask "how do i gain muscle without getting fat?" a zillion different ways using endless combinations of words that all mean the same thing.

Where are the questions about form on exercises? Or what about a form check video from the gym? From what I can tell, you don't even seem to care about actual lifting at all. Sorry, but that's how it seems. You don't seem curious at all about training methods, about lifting/fitness legends, or about the volumes and volumes of great, game-changing books that have been published about lifting and fitness.

I agree with the OP about all these threads. You need to be much less worried about peanut butter and bread and much more worried about your squat technique.

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