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Originally Posted by Tannhauser View Post
I don't see why that should necessarily be the case.

Why can't it be good for you? Or to put it another way, why is it necessarily bad for you?

I eat 'that crap' at the supermarket , along with most people, so what is it in bread that I don't want to know about?

But I actually agree with the former. Nobody talks about the innumerable pathogens in food and the toxic - sometimes carcinogenic chemicals - that they produce. Preservatives prevent those from multiplying, as well as maintaining the micronutrient levels within food.

Don't get me wrong, I think growing your own vegetables and baking your own bread is fantastic - viva the environmentally friendly cottage garden. But in the big scheme of things, I sincerely doubt whether there are any measurable benefits on health.
Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
L-cysteine is one of the ingredients.
Sometimes constructed in a lab, but often they dissolve human hair in acid to extract it.
L-cysteine often
includes chicken feathers, duck feathers, cow horns and petroleum byproducts.
Supposedly gives the bread the natural puffiness it should have.
That "puffiness isn't there because of all the preservatives in it.
So what do they do when the bread isn't puffy anymore because of the crap thats in it? They add chicken feathers and human hair!

Hahaha, yep, L-Cysteine, as Linden points out; the largest amount is derived from duck feathers and human hair (China) being the cheapest source. When they run low on both of these source products they utilise a synthetic version but that is far more expensive and they don't use it for any longer than the human hair and duck feathers need to become available once again. It's placed/dissolved in acid; but, it's still there because it's a component of the mix of which neither is filtered out.

I checked into this

Enjoy that buttie

As someone question, on another internet link, how do we know it's clean hair, or not from dead people etc?
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