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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
But, I addressed this in a thread and the next thing I saw was a thread you put up with Scooby vid in it saying the same thing as I'd said questioning whether it could be done...even though I'd already stated it can be and some do lose fat and gain lean mass simultaneously.

Those sorts of threads, understandably, drive people nuts; consider how you'd feel, if you informed someone of a factual item only to see them question your input.

The issue is, not that you ask a question, but that you continually question the advice being put out there, and it's the same advice on the same topic, that's what is worse.

People recomp (gain lean mass/ lose fat (or gain no fat)), especially newcomers to weights, as you get more and more lean, it's less easy to recomp but it can still be done. Read some logs on here, check people's diets logs out, follow their plans, if necessary...BUT, and it's the big but, just get down to it and as people have suggested, ask questions later on as you tweak, as things slow, as you make progress.

It has been seen, so many times that it's unbelieveable, people that continually question without training end up doing nothing but accumulating info which does nothing for them.

One thing that needs to be addressed is your OCD, not only will it cause issues now, as it seems to be doing with your training set-up but it will also cause relationship issues; get it addressed professionally before you look back in 25 years time and wish you had, it might just be one of the best things you do as it will enhance all areas of your life.

Iv'e told all of you, that I've already started
Yet when I ask a question you tell me how I'm spinning my wheels, and ending up not doing anything.
I'm lifting weights, and eating more food.
I can ask questions whilst I'm doing that, I'm not saying its going to effect my training.

In regards to the questions, and the scooby vid. That was different.
He disregarded the bulking and cutting theory as outdated, and reckoned you could build as much muscle, while simultaneously losing fat.
The advice you all gave to me, was that it was possible, but not efficient.
To build the most muscle, you bulk, then cut. Trying to do both doesn't work that great.
To me they seem different things.
If I posted a video about the inefficiency of trying to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time then yeah, of coarse, you already told me the ins and outs of that.
The scooby video, was scooby's take on muscle building, and I asked you because I know your all very knowledgeable on the subject, and I wanted to hear your take on his theory.
Does that mean that I disregarded everything you said? No. I just wanted to see what you thought.

However, I do see now that Iv' been asking very similar questions, to ones you already answered.
There's so much information at my fingertips with the internet, that its easy to get caught up in it.
Its confusion, mixed in with my OCD tendencies. Its not a dig at you or your information, you must realize that.

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